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Where Children Learn, Play and Grow Together
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Welcome to Kids Corner of Caledonia 
Learning Program

Where Children Learn, Play and Grow Together
Our Mission.
Kid’s Corner of Caledonia Learning Program is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment in which children can learn, play and grow into healthy individuals. Our quality daycare staff provides warm and nurturing care to enhance each child’s education and development. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of working families by providing affordable, quality care.

Our Promise.
Your child is the most precious gift and a true blessing in your life.  At Kids Corner of Caledonia Learning Program we treasure our time with your child and look forward to making a positive difference in their life.  We feel that every child is a unique individual and each learn in different ways.  Our program offers a creative learning environment that enriches the child and promotes success.  The quality of care and education that children receive in the early years of thier lives is one of the most critical factors in their development.  Nuturing environments with appropriate challenging activity have large and lasting effects on your child's school success and we will strive to ensure our program will offer your child this opportunity.

​Our Care.
Each group of children will experience the Creative Curriculum Learning Program that is implemented in each classroom birth - age 12. This experience meets high standards for preschool and is aligned with the State of Minnesota early learning standards. Our curriculum allows for your child to explore, create, and self-express at his or her pace, while the teacher facilitates the experience by creating the surroundings and lesson plans that will best highlight his or her group's area of interest.

Children recieve homestyle meals, served and made by our center. They enjoy activities such as Art, Recreation and Self Exploration; Dance and Song; Spanish Language Introduction; Kid Explorer Computer Program, Early Reading Program and Sign Language...and much more.