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February Events:
February 15: No School
February 18: No School

​Please be sure to turn in weekly schedules if your child's schedule changes.  

School Day - Please have your child here by 7:20am if he/she needs to eat breakfast prior to leaving for school.  We will leave here at 7:40am to transport to school in the morning.  Afternoon pick up is at 2:55pm from Public School only.

Non-School Day - Please sign up in advance if your child will attend on a non school day

Snow Day - Please inform your teacher if your child will attend on snow days.  You may call our program or email staff

Late Start/Early Out: If your child will attend on a late start day please arrive 20 min before the start of school.  If your child will need to be picked up on an early out please notify the program.  

​Please keep the following forms up to date
- Medication Form
- Enrollment Form
- Tuition Express Form
- Immunization Record
- Health Care Summary